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Excellence always start with the choice of materials beyond ordinary, lasting for decades rather than seasons. We selected the highest grade calf leather from tanneries in France, which supply the most exclusive luxury brands for generations.

This leather has a natural grain texture; it makes each piece unique, both in sight and touch.


Soft Calf leather

This leather is of a very rare quality, sourced from a tannery in Annonay which directly belongs to certainly the most prestigious French fashion house. It is full grain calf leather, with a very soft silky hand feel and a natural light grain. It will develop a lustrous patina over time.  

Taurillon leather (bullcalf)

This leather is a classic for high end leather goods. It comes from a century old tannery in the French Pyrenees region. Mineral tanned and vegetable re-tanned, it is renowned for its sturdiness, soft touch and luxurious finish that retains the hide’s natural surface grain.


Box calf leather

This leather is an iconic material, sourced from a tannery in South East of France which has been given the label “Entreprise du patrimoine vivant” by the French government, which means “Living Heritage Company ». 

Durable with a firm hand it has an incredibly smooth finish that offers a glossy and sophisticated effect.



To enhance our leather quality we use only leather lining for our small leather goods, and Alcantara for our bags. This Italian material is renowned for its finesse and very soft feel. 


We chose high quality material intended to last for a lifetime. But leather is a natural material, and it needs proper care and maintenance to age gracefully. 

We recommend avoiding extreme temperatures, overly harsh use and direct contact with wet and moist surfaces. We suggest treating your bag with leather conditioner at least once or twice a year. Leather conditioner provides moisture to keep the leather supple and ensure that it does not dry out, fade or crack. It will also give a richer lustre and deeper colour, while keeping it free of impurities.