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L’Atelier is an independent Parisian brand of luxury bags & accessories born out of the desire to escape from logos and trends and return to the essentials, what makes a piece an extra-ordinary one: the finesse of materials, the artisan know-how and refined, elegant, contemporary lines standing the test of time.

Our first collection is made from a leather of a very rare quality, sourced from a tannery in Annonay which belongs to certainly the most prestigious French luxury brand. Each bag is handmade in France with a fine attention to details, by expert artisans working for several decades for the most exclusive designers.

We believe in a more discerning fashion, made to last and concerned about the history behind a product. We think it should be retailed at a true value, so we decided to distribute our range online only, without storefront or middlemen, disrupting the conventions of traditional luxury channels.


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